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2016 November 15: Human rights, sovereignty and democracy

2016 March 8: Why are so many Westerners joining terrorist groups?

2016 January 19: Are Greens the friends or enemies of progress?

2016 April: Frei Denken Magazin

Warum schliessen sich so viele westliche Jugendliche terroristischen Gruppen an?

By Eliane Schmid

2016 March 11:

Zurich hears recipes for ending jihadi recruitment

Homegrown jihadism “is coming” to Switzerland, argues a former Islamic extremist – unless new ideologies are presented to young Muslims.


Left to right: Deen, Mahadevan, debate moderator Michael McKay, and Furedi (

Young people in the country have vanished from their homes and gone to join jihadi movements. And a Winterthur mosque has been pinpointed as a potential source of extremist ideologies. But what’s really at the root of the problem?  That was the key question examined at a Zurich Salon debate between Adam Deen, a former member of the jihadist group Al-Muhajiroun who now works at Britain’s Quilliam Foundation, terror group researcher Prem Mahadevan of Zurich’s Center for Security Studies and sociologist and author Frank Furedi. Here’s what they had to say.

2016 March 10: az Aargauer Zeitung


Adam Deen «Ich war jung und interessierte mich für meine Religion»

2016 March 7: Tages Anzeiger and others

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Adam Deen war einst ein führendes Mitglied einer britischen Islamistengruppe. Heute ist er Experte für Deradikalisierung. Ein Gespräch über den Kampf gegen die IS-Propaganda.

 2016 March 7:

Islamic radicalisation: what’s the cure?

Adam Deen and Prem Mahadevan know what they’re talking about when it comes to jihadi terror networks. One used to be an Islamist extremist, and the other advises governments on the inner workings of groups like ISIS. Here’s what they think works – and doesn’t – to stop terror recruitment.

2015 October 15: Ron Orp

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2014 June 10: SWI

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2014 April 6: NZZ am Sonntag


Professor Raymond Tallis, fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences; author, philosopher, critic and poet

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2014 March 26: Blick

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2014 March 7: Blick am Abend

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2013 October 19: Tages-Anzeiger


Andrew Keen one of the world’s best-known and most controversial commentators on the digital revolution

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