Friends of the Salon

Friends of the Salon is an extension of our more formal events, focusing on facilitating similar discussions, but in more intimate settings. Because of the limited capacity, attendance is per reservation only, though the tickets are free. You can purchase drinks at the bar of Karl der Grosse and take them into the function room.

12 December 2018, 7PM

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Zentrum Karl der Grosse

Is ageism the only socially acceptable discrimination left? Is the generation gap an insurmountable cultural chasm? Whatever happened to the respect for the “Old and Wise” or ‘Elders and Betters”? Is the rapid technological and societal development sufficient reason to bypass the past? What will we discard in that rush?

What about the future of pensions, which are becoming harder to finance, as old people increasingly out number the young and our economies perpetually stagnate? And how comes the government wants women to retire at 65 years of age instead of 64 when employers are more and more inclined to ‘early retire’ women at 60 and below?

Should old timers be relieved of the vote so that they can no longer, as some claim happened in the UK over Brexit (see: We should ban old people from voting), selfishly scupper the future of the youth? Will a generation growing up under a Cult of Youth find itself in a saner world with more happiness and opportunities? Or is this simply a wet dream for the cosmetic surgery industry and a nightmare for the rest of us? Why is our latent fear of ageing becoming ever more manifest? Join us, let’s discuss this…

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Topics and Formats

Typically we discuss two topics at one session. One of these we shall be selecting beforehand and announce it with the invitation, the other we’ll decide on spontaneously.

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