Friends of the Salon

Complementing our panel debates, we are also hold informal discussions for the Friends of the Salon

Our next such event:

Tuesday May 16th, 7PM at the Zentrum Karl der Grosse

Friends of the Salon is an extension of our more formal events, focussing on facilitating similar discussions, but in more intimate settings. We also hope to provide a chance to get to know one another. You can purchase drinks at the bar of Karl der Grosse and take them into the function room. Because of the limited capacity, attendance is per reservation only, though the tickets are free. The next evening (after March 23) is planned for May 16th.


Topics and Formats

A sampling from the topics already discussed at our debates will be provided to get the conversations going. But we believe that participants will raise their own questions to discuss. We would also love to hear your opinions and ideas about what Friends of the Salon could become.

Some current issues that might be of interest include:

Join us there!