Future Events

Please let us have your feedback. We also welcome suggestions for other issues we might tackle.

What is time?

14 September 2017 at Karl der Grosse: 7:30 PM Main Hall


Sunday 5th November 2017 the Zurich Salon is at the Denkfest at the Volkshaus in Zurich

Rethinking intelligence in the era of AI

Keynote: Futurist and Humanist Gerd Leonhard

After the keynote there’s a panel debate: Gerd Leonhard, Anders Sandberg, Joanna Bryson, Kathleen Richardson

Joanna Bryson

Issues and events on the drawing board:

The future of cities

The rise of populism in the USA and Europe: old elites on the ropes?

Borders, refugees : the debate over so-called deserving and undeserving immigrants; open or closed borders; cultural clashes; law and order; economic challenges.

Future conflicts, roles and prospects of financial hubs such as London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and…?

Do animals have rights?

Feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have…