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In the 21st century, is philosophy dead? And if it lives, what is it good for?

Over a hundred years ago, Max Weber wrote of the disenchantment of a rationalised, bureaucratic world. Might philosophy find new purpose in offering an antidote to sterile utilitarianism? Of course, philosophical thinking can be risky, upsetting established ideas and norms; as Hannah Arendt noted, ‘thinking itself is dangerous’. But neuroscientist Sam Harris believes scientific facts trump value judgements, while the revered physicist Stephen Hawking has proclaimed ‘philosophy is dead’ and ‘scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge’.


And …

The rise of populism in the USA and Europe: old elites on the ropes?

Borders, refugees : the debate over so-called deserving and undeserving immigrants; open or closed borders; cultural clashes; law and order; economic challenges.

Future conflicts, roles and prospects of financial hubs such as London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and…?

Do animals have rights?

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