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Books vs TikTok: who will win?
Thursday, 19th May, 7PM
Zentrum Karl der Grosse

Our ways of learning are rapidly changing as we’re being swept away by an ever-growing avalanche of information. People are turning from books to videos, from lectures to podcasts, from newspapers to chats, from institutions to influencers. Comprehensive volumes and deep immersion give way to short snippets and over-saturation, as new memes appear by the day. Representing a radically accelerated cultural evolution, these condense millennia of lore into infectious little gems. Is this trend an affront to tradition and a debasement of knowledge, or the only way to integrate all those established bodies of works into statements of greater potency still? Is our shortening attention span a sign of ever greater mental processing power or of superficial restlessness? Up until recently a path of discoveries via curated sources led to wisdom, but who is to be the authority in our post-truth world? We seem to be in need of groundbreaking changes so can we learn from the cacophony surrounding us. That we’re evolving is a given, the question seems to be, if for better or for worse. Join us and let’s discuss where this journey goes!

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